Odin & I Have Grown Together :)

These days I haven’t been up to much. If anything I’ve had time for myself to think and reflect. What has changed since I’ve been here last is I am single for couple months, haha. For the past 8 years I have been in two long term relationships, and since then have not spent a holiday alone. Its been a few months now, and I would be lying if I said I was okay. At first it was really hard to adjust to living alone, being alone, and just having time for myself. At first it was super hard, there were days I would not get up from bed till the sun had set. I would be lying if I said I still didn’t have those days… Not so often now. At first I wasn’t patience and I wanted to fall in love really fast, but dating is hard… Most often my heart got broken, and with a lot of realization I found myself at the same place. Lost, lost that I failed to have the other person love me back.

Its been a few months of dating, and although I have not gotten the hang of it. Although feelings were not mutual, its okay. I learned to love myself, and accept myself. I learned with this time alone, it has made me stronger. I actually have spent more time with my 80lb dog Odin who is now one and a half years old, we love to go to the dog park in the middle of the night. I chase him around and he chases me around. We spend a lot of time together and I think he LOVES me single!

I have learned a few things these past months, and some are…

Love happens when you least expect it. Love is kind. Love is patience. Love has no bounds. Love is effort. Love is communication. There are many yet to discover with the right person. ^.^

To get my stress and anxiety out, I still am taking my dog Odin to the dog park. I am still training him because he is kind of stupid and has endless amounts of energy. I am going to my local hiking trail more often and I have gotten an e bike to ride around town, and soon looking for a hybrid/or road bike for my next one! 🙂 Learning to love yourself is to enrich your life with more, because life is too short to have regrets.

Till Next Time ^.^ Whenever!