Why is Wasting Time So Addictive? (Nope, I don’t have the answer either.)

This time lately I have been using to improve my mental health. More recently I have been getting into planting my own little patio gardening and keeping my sourdough starter alive. I have been seeing someone but not dating anyone. I have found myself to be happy alone but also feeling stuck.

I recently got my blood test back to see what is wrong with me? What physical problem could make me so fatigue easily? The answer: Vitamin D. Isn’t everyone a hermit?

I finally have successfully after a year or so of therapy, every 2 weeks transitioned to pretty much closing my case. Transitioned to just venting about my days, and only going to therapy once a month just to talk.

Now that I have a healthier relationship with myself, and finally content with my mental health and have done everything for it. Now I feel stuck and need to get the ball rolling! In every aspect in my life.

At school I have done everything minimally that has been asked of me. I have not gone beyond on the capabilities of challenging myself, pushing myself. The reason being is because my mental health was suffering for so long. Now I am up ready and doing everything I love. I always working on growing my passions. So now I should take my future career in achieving to become a software engineer seriously now? I have set a goal in a year to achieve the most, above and beyond as I can before applying to any jobs. We all know that will take awhile during applying for jobs.

I am happy, I am content with myself… Finally. Now its time to work above what is asked of me outside of class. All while keeping my sourdough starter alive & plants. Little yoga (deep breathing). Waiting for Season 3 of Demon Slayer. Continuing to build a strong relationship with my sister & friends. School. Work. Staying alive, staying alive!!! (deep breathing) In meanwhile of all of this, let the new hobbies ARISE. ^.^

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